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Dalit community in India is a historically left out community from the main activities of the society and economy.  This is generally considered as the reason for the low economic status and living in the society. The principle reason for making such demarcation is the existence of caste system and the associated demarcation of each caste to do a certain activity for about 3000 years. Caste system according to Deshpande (2000) is an off-shoot of the medieval system of Varna proliferated years back during 3500 to 4000. It is the embodiment of Karma and the hierarchy of the Varna system is based on avocations and generally categorised into five clear disjoint groups. The system accordingly is based on ‘jathi’ and ‘varna’. Dalit in classical Sanskrit infers divided, split, scattered, broken etc. Subsequently the term Dalits took a new shape in Sanskrit to explain a person not belonging to the original varna system. Inequalities act as a source for prejudice and discrimination,  Lewis (1985) commentary in this regard is worth mentionable “those we look down on we feel free to exploit”, Caste is not mere behavioural pattern but it has wide impact in the society and thereby is affecting each and every human sphere of life.

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