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The present study aims to investigate the various schemes and programmes and its implementation of water supply in the rural areas of Mizoram. In order to accelerate the pace of coverage of villages without water supply, funds have been provided in the state budget by the Central Government after the commencement of First Five Year Plan. The states and Union Territories were assisted with cent per cent grants-in-aid to implement the schemes in villages without water supply.The rural population which constitutes approx 80% of the total population was without any safe drinking water supply. Water supply at that time was a provincial or a state subject and the State Governments were independently pursuing their own programme to a limited extent, depending on their financial resources.Under this programme, water supply to the rural habitation is provided based upon locally resource available through piped water supply scheme, installation of hand pump, tube wells, construction of rainwater harvesting tanks, improvement of village spring sources and construction of impounding reservoirs. Besides, rural schools are also to be covered with drinking water facilities under this programme.

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