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The globalization of media plays an active role in shaping national culture. But the entire form depends on the national culture. The national and regional media groups in India play an important role in the preservation of Indian cultural identity. Media has influence on audiences, and media representations are the portrayals of various cultural identities. Media acts as a major role in a powerful social system in creating a person’s sense of reality. Different cultural groups are identified in the media forms. Media is an important tool in cultural aspect and groups because it is the interaction between individuals and it collectively shapes the perceptions of other people directly or indirectly in the communication interactions. Critical cultural studies are related to media. Media and culture is inter-related even today in the 21st century. Cultural difference is a salient issue that influences inter-cultural communication. Media portrays the different local, state and national cultural norms. There are high and low quality programmes which are forms of culture. There is inter-cultural communication portrayed even in media. There is a cultural prism through media and how people perceive culture through it. Culture has a common component through which we develop ourselves into this culture which are symbols, myths and resources. Media culture gives people the freedom over their cultural environment. Media culture comprises of ideologies of class, gender, race, ethnicity and nationality.

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