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There is mixed expectancy and separate responses on GST from different economic sectors of the country. For some sectors GST has become the profitable deal. On the contrary, it reflected negative impact on other sectors. The GST is levied on the manufacture, sale, and the consumption of goods and services in India. Since the time of independence, it is treated as the biggest reform in tax system. The GST is implemented to remove the all other taxes like VAT (Value Added Tax), Excise duty, Sales Tax. In current scenario the GST is working as an umbrella for all the indirect taxes. One has not to pay the different types of taxes for consumption of goods and services, there is one tax which id GST to be paid for the consumption of goods and services. This paper is more centered to the timeline of GST in India and the impact of the GST on Indian economy, through which we can understand the position of the GST in the growth of Indian economy.

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