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During the colonial regime the British made some important changes in the character of Indian tourism, recreation and leisure culture. A sense of satisfaction was created among the British when they became successful to establish domination in Bengal during the last stage of 18th century. The British became involved deeply in travel, leisure and recreation. They decided to construct Darjeeling as popular hill station and health sanitarium of Bengal Presidency. They wanted to enjoy the quality leisure time there. Every type of comfort, amusement and recreational facilities were available in Darjeeling to satisfy the British aristocrats. Different types of dak bungalows, coffee houses, and hotels, restaurants were constructed for food and lodging. British administrators and aristocrats started club culture and introduced various sports to pass their leisure time. Besides British, the maharajas, land-lords, Bengali Babus and well educated people of Bengal started to imitate the British culture of travel, recreation and leisure. By starting tourism, recreation and leisure culture in colonial Darjeeling the British tried to regulate the native mindset and culture.

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