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Religion plays a major role in the Indian way of life. Rituals, worship and other religious activities are very prominent in an individual daily life; it is also a principal organizer of social life. Inter-community class have found widespread support in the  social mainstream, and it is generally perceived that the causes of religious conflicts. Like business and cricket, religion is also a political issues. Chetan bhagat brings out the communal rivalry between the Hindus and the Muslims and the political mileage that the tunnel visionedpoliticianstry to draw from the brewing tension between the communities. The real reason for the communaltension in India is not religion but politics. A large country like India has diverse cultures and traditions, culture in itself turns out to be a life giving, at the same time, a destroying force. Culture makes life more meaningful for human being. On the other hand the same culture causes rampaging effects when misconstrued by the member of society. India is a land of opposite beginning with geographical source resource to man madeinstitutions.

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