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LGBT community has been in the lime light for the past many years. Their struggle for their rights and acceptance into the society they live in, still continues even though in many countries their existence have been legalized by the law. One of the main hostility they encounter from the society is that their sexual orientations are against the cultural norms that the society claims to have preserved till date. Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist has quoted that “Culture is about humanizing people. You look at the African-American civil rights movement, you look at the LGBT rights movement- the culture changed before the politics did.” This paper explicitly focuses on the idea of Compulsory Heterosexuality, a term coined by the Feminist poet Adrienne Rich, enforced in the society, with reference to two notable literary works, The Quilt by IsmatChughtai and Funny Boy by ShyamSelvadurai. The Quilt narrates the story of married women belonging to a very orthodox family, who takes bold steps to embrace her sexual preference. Funny Boy on the other hand narrates the life journey of a boy who explores his sexual identity in the process.

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