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‘One has to work happily to be happy at work’. One can work happily when he has job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is one of the predominant factors that determines ‘Happiness at work’.

This article attempts to study the job satisfaction of and its impact on Happiness at Work of employees in IT sector in Chennai city. Various factors affecting Job satisfaction and Happiness at work are worked out and the relationships between both are analysed. This study has been conducted among the IT employees belonging to various IT companies in Chennai City including Wipro, Cognizant, HCL to whom questionnaires has been mailed. IT Industry is a high performance oriented, competitive and vivacious Industry among other industries. This performance centric industry also experiences job stress, attrition and absenteeism due to its nature of operation. On the other hand, the work environment, the benefits, the identity gives them reasons to stick on to their jobs. This study is to analyse whether their happiness is related to the factors that give them job satisfaction. A satisfied employee will find happiness. A happy employee will in turn help in the development of the organisation.


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