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This study presents an investigation of the postlexical influence on semisyllable occurrence in the Bedouin Northern Yemeni Arabic Dialects (henceforth, Bed-NYAD). Semisyllable has not been investigated fully in the previous literature in the Yemeni Arabic dialects and the only one full study about it is conducted by the first author of this paper as a the topic of his Ph.D. thesis( to be published soon). The previous classifications of Arabic dialects by  Kiparsky (2003) and Watson (2007)have claimed thatYemeni dialects belong to the CV dialects group, the group that never allow semisyllables(unsyllabified consonants, adjoined to the higher prosodic word) neither lexically nor postlexically. The first author’s thesis has reexamined such claims and found out that such classification did not include all Yemeni dialects and those bedouin dialects found in the north of Yemen (Bed-NYAD) in particular which the author has proved to be C dialects allowing semisyllables both lexically and post lexically.

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