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The Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) acts as a bridge between people and computer databases by connecting the telephone network to the database. The phone user can access the information from anywhere and at any time by simply dialing a specific number and following an online instruction when a connection has been established. The IVR system uses prerecorded or computer-generated voice responses to provide information in response to a caller's voice. The input can be provided via a multi-tone signal or dual multi-frequency signal (DTMF), which is generated when a caller presses a key on his phone and the sequence of messages to be played is dynamically determined based on a structure of internal menu (managed within the IVR application program) and user input. Hammer Call Master(HCM) is a sophisticated tool used for test development, debugging and reporting throughout the test lifecycle. Hammer Call Master simplifies the testing process and reduces organization costs and generates quality results with minimal costs and less time. The interactive voice response is designed by the hammer call master and the process of hammer call master is to avoid traffic consequently that you can be satisfied when interacting with the interactive voice response(IVR) using the hammer call master to avoid conflicts.

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