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Settlement is an art made by man. Human have created settlement in own needs, and it's been evolving for a long time. In here my study area belong to the rural population. We know the rural settlement depends on agriculture and small cottage industry. In some countries, a rural settlement is any settlement in the areas defined as rural by a governmental office, e.g., by the national census bureau. This may include even rural towns. Then I select a rural area and try to understand GIS glimpse of socio economic activity. So, I selected my work aim "to know by GIS analysis, how to the socio-economic activity is build rural settlement and does evolution". Basically this study flow in applied survey method, And this study based on GIS data. As well as I comply the three stage of survey Pre Field, During Field and Post Field. this study mainly based on trend of rural land use pattern, so we select three year GIS data (1991, 2001 and 2011) and observe What type of growing movement of rural settlement are as well as Which type rural settlements are located. This data is based on the census year. We got that settlement area is increase the area under agricultural land decreases due to construction of settlement on agricultural land. The above all, the region is very bright in terms of its socio-economic future potential.

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