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Goa, known as the ‘Pearl of the orient,’ has always fascinated the Indian tourists. In the late sixties, the ‘Hippies’ made Goan beaches famous and domestic tourists started flocking to see the beautiful beaches of Goa. These were the main attractions apart from the famous churches of ‘Old Goa.’ The beaches paved the way for water scooters in Dona Paula which remained the attraction for visiting tourists apart from the sunset and clean beaches. Over the period water sports coupled with Trekking, Boat rides, etc., have catapulted this small state into the top five revenue generators in Adventure tourism.  The National Tourism Awards 2017-2018 saw Madhya Pradesh and Goa jointly winning the Best State for Adventure Tourism award. The study undertaken assesses the overall Adventure tourism scenario in Goaconcerning current trends world over. The study covers various water sports along with newly introduced ‘Bungee Jumping’ along with ‘Trekking’ organized by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. This, when compared to international Travel trends, reveals a stark difference in International Adventure tourism and the Goan scenario. The question which arises out of this study is ‘whether the Adventure tourism market in Goa should be allowed to follow current areas of expansion or should it be catapulted to match the International Travel Trends?’

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