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Employees are the most valuable possessions of an organization. Based on their critical character, they can be termed the life-blood of an organization. Advancement in technology has caused most organizations to be more and more technology driven. However, this situation does not reduce the value of employees in an organization because technology requires human resources to operate. With issues such as globalization, competition is becoming keener and keener in most industries. Their consequence to organizations calls for not only the need to attract the best talents but also the obligation to preserve them for a long term. Booming healthcare organizations emphasize attracting human resource assets and belligerently seek to resolve and prevent high employee turnover. Understanding the key gears surrounding the importance of measuring employee turnover, learning how it affects patient care, and realizing what is needed to retain quality employees is central to the resolution. Measuring employee revenue in a healthcare department is fundamental to the success of the organization and the quality of care it delivers.. 

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