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The market structure in India is dichotomous having rural and urban markets. But many do not concur with this view as they contend that consumer everywhere is a consumer and hence their needs, aspirations, beliefs and attitudes will also be the same. The fact, however, remains that there are certain unique characteristic features which call for separate marketing strategies to be distinctively developed to suit the rural and urban market behavior. Conditions existing in urban markets at present can also be analyzed in this context. First, the urban markets have almost reached a saturation level th tapping them with a high profit margin has become difficult. Secondly, competition is becoming tough in urban markets compelling many firms to incur heavy costs in promotional expenditure. Thirdly, the awareness level of urban consumers is high and hence product features have to be changed often. Needless to say this process needs a huge investment which will have a negative impact on profitability. Thus, except perhaps for easy reach the urban markets have become as oasis.

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