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The goal of medicine are to promote health, to preserve health and  to  restore health when it is impaired and to minimize suffering & distress. These goals are embodied in the word prevention[i] . Levels of Prevention are Primordial prevention , Primary prevention , Secondary prevention & Tertiary prevention . The main intervention in primordial prevention is through individual and mass education[ii] . Primordial prevention is aimed to eliminate the development of risk factors. As there is relation between diseases mainly epidemic & season, WHO also mentioned seasonal calendar for epidemic diseases. Ayurveda also gives more emphasize to the preventive aspect rather than curative. To maintain the health of individual, preventive tools have been described by Ayurveda under the topics Dinacharya, Rutucharya, Sadvritta etc. In the discussion of Rutucharya,  Nirharana Kala (time for elimination) of particular Dosha which gets provoked in that particular Rutu has  been  mentioned. In this article main emphasize is given on importance of Rutu Sanshodhana (seasonal detoxification) for health awareness purpose and discussed with principle base.


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