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The idea that classroom climate has direct influence on students’ academic achievement is intuitive appealing, there is still a great deal of inconsistency in the empirical research literature. This review shows that there is a close bond between a classroom environment and academic achievement of learner. A student is deeply affected by the elements of classroom climate. Students who are in task oriented classrooms are more task focused and motivated (Chen, 2005; Klem& Connell, 2004).  This study try to find out whether resourceful environment and healthy teacher student relationship leads toward a greater academic excellence or not. In nut shell, it is to be examined  that if the students feel comfortable within classroom, then they will have much concentration on the lesson taught to them and that is why they will get more information from the teachers and thus the will obtain high scores. Classroom environment is the intellectual, social, the emotional and physical aspect of the Classroom (Ambrose,2010). Key elements of classroom environment are respectful rapport, culture of learning, managing classroom procedure, managing behaviour of students and organising physical spaces (TALIS 2013).  This study will try to find out the effect of key elements of classroom climate on academic achievement in order to provide a direction toward making an effective, responsive and fruitful classroom conditions.

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