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Mix Ligand-metal complex of 8-hydroxyquinoline (HQ) as primary ligand and N and O donor amino acids as secondary ligands were synthesized using CuCl2.2H2O salt. The complexes so obtained subjected for characterization using physical methods  such as M.P., Solubility, Conductivity measurement and spectroscopic analysis such as U.V. Visibles pectros copy, I.R.Spectra,XRD, Magnetic succesptibility etc. the Magnetic succesptibility revealed paramagnetic behavior of the complexes. U.V.spectra’s confirms intra ligand, charge transfer and d-d transition in complex.I.R.spectra shows bonding of metal ions through N and O donar ligands. DTA and TGA data indicates presence of crystallized water in complexes. The complexes were also screened for antimicrobial activity against pathogenes bacteria as S.aureus,C.diphtheriae,S.typhi and E-coil.The result were compared with those of control tetracyclin and found biologically active.

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