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Non-performing assets is the biggest concern for Indian banks. NPAs show banks ' results. A high level of NPA implies that many credit defaults are highly likely to affect banks ' profitability & net-worth & erode the value of the asset. In addition to posing a threat to asset quality & bank survival, NPAs affect liquidity & profitability. There have been severe problems with the Indian banking sector rising non-performing assets (NPAs). The growth of NPAs affects the profitability of banks directly. The banking industry has a vital role to play in the growth of a nation and is considered the backbone of the economy. The continuing increase in the Indian banking sector's non-performing assets (NPAs) is now a cause for economic concern. In developing countries like India, governments are pushing for financial inclusion, which increases the risk of bank assets. This paper is intended to examine NPAs ' issue in the Indian banking system in this sense.

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