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Land Records in India have evolved over decades and centuries. Considering the conflicts pertaining to land records, digitisation has emerged as a viable solution as it offers benefits for both property owners and the authorities, infusing transparency and clarity in real estate transactions.Digitisation of land records was introduced to computerize various land records and improve their transparency. This digital phenomenon is also transforming the real estate sector by offering ease of doing business. In Union Budget 2016, the digitisation of land records was relaunched under the National Land Records Modernization Programme that ensured minimizing the scope of land disputes coupled with enhancing transparency in the land records maintenance system. ICT works because it empowers citizen and enables them to watch their own interest. It unshackles citizen from bureaucratic red tape and procedure. It also allows senior officers and government to monitor the field work. The core of good governance is „Minimum Government and Maximum Governance‟. The ICT achieves that.

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