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Tribes are blessed with rich biological diversity and a high level of traditional knowledge. They live within their original ecosystems. I have studied about the Paliyan tribes of Theni district. These people lived in rock crevices, caves and dressed scantily. They lived in interior forests, building their huts with minimum wood and grass according to their climatic conditions. The land and the forest are worshipped with respect by Paliyans. They were traditional nomadic hunter-gatherers, honey hunters and foragers. They had a happy and peaceful life with the available water resources and self sustained forest produce. Paliyans are short, black in colour with curly hair, thick lips, broad and flat nose. Tamil is their language. The civilized people who live in the plains assign these tribes with the duty of praying to rain God at the beginning of agriculture season. The Paliyan priest conducts this ritual in a hypnotic state who communicates with their ancestors and supernatural powers. In the presence of their ancestors the village people pray to God to get rain. They believe after conducting this ritual, the super natural powers grant them the boon of rain. During this ritual they make many offerings to the God and the priest. A routine procedure followed to conduct this ritual to appease the rain God. The people obey the instructions given by the priest.


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