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Rural entrepreneurship is now a days a major opportunity for the people who migrate from rural areas or semi - urban areas to Urban areas. Rural entrepreneurship is defined as entrepreneurship whose roots lie in the rural areas but has a lot of potential to drive various endeavours in business, industry, agriculture, etc. and contribute to the economic development of the country. A woman entrepreneur plays an important role in India to the wake of globalization and economic liberalization. In this field rural woman entrepreneurs cannot be ignored. There is a substantial contribution of women rural entrepreneurs in the growth of developed rural areas but the development of women entrepreneurship in rural areas is very low because the rural women’s are face more challenges and problem. In a country like India, there is much to do with the way we see the reality of the rural areas. Rural psychology is attuned to promoting new ideas and innovation, more so because job opportunities are limited there. We should encourage women entrepreneurs to think positively, creatively and with an entrepreneurship- building mindset to promote their growth.

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