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This paper examines black woman’s perception of self and her identity.The white notion of beauty governs a black woman’s self-esteem and her idea of her own self. We shall examine how racism and gender dually exploits black women. They not only bear the inherent racism in the American society but also are victims of gender stereotyping like any other woman.

Pecola in the novel, The Bluest Eyeby Toni Morrison is victim of not only racism and gender based exploitation but also represents lack of identity and self-esteem within the Black American women. Her constant feeling of being inadequate, unlovable does not only stems from the racialstereotypes but internalization of these stereotypes by the black community. we shall look atBlack Feminist thought by Patricia Hills Collins and see how the internalization of racial and gender stereotypes effect the sense of self and identity within the black community and how Pecola becomes a symbolic reminder of their helplessness and powerlessness.

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