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The advent of Green Revolution had brought about a significant change in the Food Processing Sector. The basic standard of living of the Indian consumers has changed a lot with respect to their needs and the lifestyles. It has now been successful in satisfying the needs of both the urban and rural consumers.  It caters to the needs of the new markets which are now concentrating on the consumption of highly processed food products along with satisfying the rural customer.  According to SRS Annual Report 2015-16, the Indian food and retail industry was valued at USD 258 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow to USD 482 billion by 2020.The sector has grown significantly in the recent years and it is estimated that there will be only an increasing trend in future. The increase or growth in demand for the processed food products can be due to factors like, urbanisation, change in disposable income, change in the consumption pattern of the new generation, increase in nuclear families etc. The growth is evident even on the subsectors of this industry. Indian consumers have changed their eating habits which have resulted in the opening up of newer avenues in the food processing sector in both the domestic and international level and helped them in contributing to this fast-growing processed food market.

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