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Human rights refer to those basic and inalienable rights which belong to an individual as a consequence of being human. At the both national as well as international level these rights have been recognised by a variety of conventions, acts and instruments. However, despite the efforts of the governments of different countries and several other agencies (including Non-Governmental Organizations) to defend people’s rights the problem of human rights violation still exists as a major problem for the whole human community. In India also human rights violation is becoming a serious social problem day by day. The present study is an attempt to analyse the functioning of Non-Governmental Organizations towards protection and promotion of human rights. The study also tries to focus on NGOs movement towards human rights activism in India. Additionally, the study attempts to highlight on various strategies adopted by the Non-Governmental Organizations for the protection and enforcement of people’s rights. Qualitative research technique is used in the study. The entire study is based on secondary sources of data. For collection of data the study primarily focused on books, journals, reports, e-materials etc. The study reveals that the Non-Governmental Organizations have been playing pivotal role in the field of human rights across the globe. The study shows how important Non-Governmental Organizations are for protecting people’s rights in the society. The study assumes significance as it intends to highlight the working of Non-Governmental Organizations on a very crucial issue of present-day world, i.e., human rights violation.

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