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Colour, with all its versatility is one of the seminal elements that has permeated the realms of film-making. It can vivify the overall mood, delineate the characters and augment the meaning of a scene. This paper attempts to analyze the psychological effect of colours on the psyche of characters in Joker (2019) and Midsommar (2019). It further traces how the influence of colours contribute significantly to the evolution of characters in the select movies. These movies will be examined in the light of Colour theory which argues that beyond a poetic use of hue and pigment, colours have a psychological effect on our bodies and well-being. In Joker, color imparts mood and depth to an otherwise ordinary psycho-thriller narrative. The gradual transition from cool tone palettes to warm palettes corresponds with Arthur Fleck’s existence as a warm sentiment in a cold Gotham until a certain point. Similarly, in addition to lending the movie a blossoming nature setting, the pastel colour palette in Midsommar conceals something menacing behind the greenery under the blue sky.

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