Reearch papers of march month. 

Published: Mar 20, 2020

Trend And Growth Of SHG-Bank Linkage Programme In India

1-9 Dr. Muthu Maha Laxmi

Separation and State Anxiety in Couples Living in Long-distance Relationships During Lock-down amidst COVID-19

10-20 Somya Jain, Dr. Heenakshi Bhansali

A Rare Case Of Infective Endocarditis Following Coronary Angioplasty With An Unusual Presentation Of Endophthalmitis

21-27 Monisha D’Souza, Roshan M

Clustering large datasets using Advanced K‑means method in Hadoop

28-33 Juliana Gnanaselvi K

Antibacterial, Dna Cleavage, Superoxidedismutase Mimeticand –AMYLASE Inhibitory Activity Studies Of Some Metal Based Bioactivematerials

34-43 S.R. Aswathy

Smart Card Security: Technology and Adoption

44-60 Dr. Kathar Ganesh. N.

The Influence of Sentiments and Emotions among the Protagonists of Shobhan Bantwal and Gloria Naylor

61-65 D.J.B.Esther Rajathi, Dr. P. BalaShanmuga Devi

Imagining and Imaging the Unsensed Colonial Subjects in Amitav Ghosh’s Essay “Tibetan Dinner”

66-70 Nikita Babal

A Journey of Administrative Reforms in India: A Historical Perspective

71-85 Dr. Sultan Singh

Impact Of Online Class On Under Graduate Student’s

86-89 Dr. Pallabi Saikia

India's Longest-Running Property Dispute: A Brief History

90-96 Subhasish Chakrabarty

Women’s Development through participation in Group Activities

97-107 Dr. Ratul Saha

Perfect Bariatric Surgery Not A Mirage

108-112 Mr. Mahantesh Appanna Naganuri, Dr. Yayathee.S

Assessment Of Knowledge And Attitude Towards Mental Illness Among College Of Health And Medical Science Students

113-125 Bahubali J Geddugol, Yayathee Subbarayalu

External debt and Economic growth in India

126-134 Dr. Jain Rani S

Challenges and Opportunities for Tourism in Dehradun

135-140 Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Memory and Fantasy in Anita Desai’s-Fire on the Mountain and Clear Light of Day

141-147 Anjan Das